ICT4Society DAE Community

Date: 2016-18-02
The ICT4Society Café is still on-line and the members are engaged in debate on a range of issues related to responsibility in the ICT sector.
ICT4Society is an on-line community, whose members discuss CSR in the ICT sector.

To become a community member:

Or short-cut to Join the Café, to skip intro information, after creating your ECAS account.
After registering and logging-in, to post a comment

  • Click on the title of one of the open discussions in the ICT4Society Café;
  • digit a comment (click on Add comment), or
  • copy-paste from a Word text (fix your text to make sure possible hyperlinks work by using Textfixer).

New discussion topics are very welcome!
In a bottom-up approach, members can propose discussion threads and contribute to setting the agenda of the discussion.
The Propose a Discussion Topic has been created to give members the chance to highlight topics they feel deserve attention.