ICT4Society is Looking for Company Case Studies on CSR in the ICT

Date.: 2015-23-09

ICT4Society is looking for case studies of ICT companies that have integrated CSR principles into their strategies and procedures.

Case studies will be published on the ICT4Society Café and shared with its members, providing inspiration to others.

Case studies can be about integrated approaches to CSR, merging actions for people, planet and profit/progress. Case studies can be related to a single element of CSR, such as green solutions, engagement will the community. All are welcome in this open learning process.

By sharing your company case history with ICT4Society Community members in the ICT4Society Café you can promote your company and possibly find likeminded business partners.

We are particularly looking forward to hearing from SMEs and we welcome case studies in national languages: feel free to post your information in your mother tongue!

You can either send your company case history (text, pictures, annexes and hyperlinks) to info@r-ict.eu or post it directly on ICT4Society Café within an open discussion or in the general discussion ICT4Society is Looking for Company Case Studies on CSR in the ICT.

To learn how to become part of the ICT4Society community and post comments on ICT4Society Café, read the related article.