ICT4Society – the DAE Community to improve CSR in the ICT Sector

Date.: 2015-23-09

ICT4Society is a DG CONNECT initiative. It was launched in 2012 with the stakeholder consultation on the draft Concept Note ICT4Society: Establishing a multi-stakeholder platform/network to advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the ICT sector.

The note was finalised in January 2013, with outcomes of the consultation process.

ICT4Society addresses Action 5 of the European Commission Communication A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility.

ICT4Society encourages European enterprises in the ICT sector to apply CSR , by taking a strategic corporate approach to cooperation. It promotes partnership with other stakeholders (e.g. civil society, academia, public interest actors, NGOs, etc.) and identifies good practices which deliver societal and environmental benefits.

ICT4Society provides ICT enterprises with a chance to:

  • communicate their CSR approach and results at EU level;

  • be inspired, learn from others and benchmark their CSR approach;

  • disseminate and promote ICT solutions for CSR management across all sectors.

Between March 2014 and February 2016, ICT4Society is operated by the thematic network R-ICT / Responsible ICT, co-funded by the EU programme ICT-PSP (Objective 5.2 Support to advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the ICT sector).

Within ICT4Society, CSR is a broad concept. This includes:

  • human rights e.g. no-disconnect strategy, media freedom and pluralism;

  • advertising and content e.g. e-privacy, do-not track, better internet for kids, safer internet, behavioural advertising);

  • inclusion and accessibility e.g. healthy aging, offerings for disabilities, web-accessibility, women in ICT, digital social platforms;

  • environmental concerns e.g. responsible sourcing and supply-chain management, life cycle assessment;

  • social innovation;

  • ethics applied to business.

ICT4Society is an on-line community whose members discuss topics related to CSR in the ICT sector. Members are invited to propose discussion threads, thus contributing to setting the agenda of the discussion.

The on-line discussion in supported by stakeholders meetings. Visit the ICT4Society Community pages on the DAE portal for details of upcoming events.

Both on-line and off-line discussions support mapping of how key CSR dimensions (people, planet and progress) can be deployed within the ICT sector.
The will help to highlight elements relevant to setting standards and guidelines. ICT4Society’s results will be fed into the discussion within the Community for Better Self- and Co-regulation.