R-ICT supports the implementation of the ICT4Society platform by collecting knowledge and triggering debate with reference to ICT4Society themes and subthemes. Within each subtheme, specific topics will be indentifed with support from stakeholders to focus knowledge collection, echange and debate.

Project WP ICT4Society Themes ICT4 society and/or R-ICT Sub-Themes
CROSS CUTTING THEMES CSR and Competitiveness
Social Innovation
Responsible Innovation
Self and Co-Regulation
PEOPLE Advertising and Content ePrivacy. Do Not Track
Better Internet for Kids, Safer Internet
On-line Behavioural Advertising
Inclusion and Accessibility Women in ICT
Offerings for Disabilities
Web-accessibility, Digital Social Platforms, ICT for Aging Well
Human Rights No Disconnect Strategy
Media Freedom and Pluralism
PLANET Environmental Footprints Supply Chain and Responsible Sourcing / Product Life Cycle


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